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We are a UK based digital marketing agency offering SEO & internet marketing services to B2B and B2C companies.
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We offer expert SEO advice and digital marketing strategy to clients throughout the UK

We specialise in helping businesses like yours by offering practical SEO advice and working with you to implement quantifiable, results driven solutions for all aspects of organic search marketing, including: Website Audits, Digital Strategy, Content Creation and SEO Training.
We are not a ‘one size fits all’ agency. We aim to provide you with a bespoke resource, tailored to specifically suit your needs. We believe in implementing change and delivering a return on your investment, not just reporting on your online performance.

What We Do

Are you looking for an expert SEO consultant to work with your team, or for someone to take responsibility for delivering improved website performance? Whether you need a one off consultation or ongoing digital marketing support, we are the SEO agency for you.

We have a deep understanding of Google’s search algorithm and regularly implement advanced SEO techniques to deliver a competitive edge for our clients. We practise ‘white hat’ SEO and only advise the application of best practice digital strategy to help your website grow.

We have many years’ experience working across a broad range of digital marketing disciplines, but our core expertise and services break down into the following areas:

SEO Audits & Optimisation

Website optimisation is the foundation of every effective digital marketing strategy. We ensure your website is well-structured, visible to the search engines and penalty-free.

Content Marketing & Outreach

Publish content of the highest calibre within trade magazines and niche blogs. We work to promote your industry knowledge whilst building referral traffic and links to your site.

SEO Maintenance

SEO is not a one-off job, rather an ongoing marketing activity. We work to keep your website fresh, compliant with best practice and continually grow your presence online.

Digital Marketing Training

Grow the knowledge of your marketing team with a bespoke SEO training program. We love sharing new tactics and teaching clients how to build their authority online.

Content Creation

The art of copywriting is fundamental in communicating your message no matter what business sector you work in. Our writers will craft the words to make your brand stand out.

White Label Services

If you’re a fellow digital marketeer or work in a digital agency, we offer white label technical SEO, copywriting and content marketing services to help you deliver client campaigns.

Sectors We Specialise In

As SEO specialists, we have a wide spectrum of expertise across different industries and businesses. Whether you’re looking to boost ecommerce sales, attract visitors to your storefront, or grow your web presence, we’ve got the know-how, the experience, and a host of SEO strategies to get you to your goals.

At Bespoke Digital, we work with a broad range of businesses across varying industries. No matter your niche, our team can help guide you to web success.

Ecommerce SEO

Optimise your web shop to boost traffic and grow revenue. We use tried and tested SEO tactics such as keyword research, content creation, and on-site optimisation to drive user engagement and sales.

Local SEO

Improve visibility in your area by optimising your website for local search results. Local SEO is particularly effective if your business has a store or physical location for potential customers to visit.

Small Business SEO

Enhancing online visibility is vital for small business success. SEO offers a cost-effective way to boost web traffic and generate leads. No two small businesses are alike, so we suggest a tailored SEO strategy for best results.

How It Works

Hiring an SEO, freelance or as a consultant, can be a tricky process. You need to find someone you can trust to deliver results, who can clearly demonstrate their expertise and who you believe you can work with. Ultimately, you are looking for someone who will improve your website’s ROI (Return on Investment), develop a good understanding of your business objectives and integrate with your team to deliver improvements to your entire user experience (UX).

Google have put together a useful video offering guidance and tips on ‘how to hire an SEO’, which can be found here.

At Bespoke Digital, we believe in delivering great results and work hard to ensure you have realistic expectations of what can be achieved within a reasonable time frame. We focus on building long-term success for your online business and providing the best user experience for your website customers.

To achieve this and consistently deliver an effective SEO service, we approach every digital marketing campaign by dividing it into the following stages: Consultation, Research, Strategy Development, Implementation and Measurement.

Initial Consultation: We want to get to know you and your company, which is why we always conduct a detailed introductory consultation to understand what makes your business unique, to gain insight into your customers and to consider your digital marketing goals and how we can work together to achieve them.
Research: Research is critical to the success of any SEO campaign. We take a deep dive into what keywords are delivering traffic to your website, conduct detailed competitor analysis to see what the opposition is doing well, identify key publications, communities and influencers within your sector, conduct a full audit of your web presence and highlight opportunities where you may be able to grow your brand visibility online.
Strategy: Working collaboratively, we will develop a comprehensive internet marketing strategy that not only delivers on the original campaign goals but will continue to boost your online presence long term. Aligning our delivery with your business needs is key to maximising the value of your investment, ensuring you see strong online growth and continually improving conversion rates.
Campaign Management: Regular communication and a dedicated point of contact ensure that we manage your SEO campaign efficiently, reacting to changes online or within your business, and providing you with clear performance reports as we progress towards your campaign milestones. We believe in a constant cycle of review and refinement, testing what works best for your online business and focussing on areas that deliver results.

The Benefits For You

The benefits of an effective SEO campaign shouldn’t be understated. SEO management is no longer just about optimising your website for performance within Google’s search results, but should now encompass all aspects of your customer journey, web visibility and user experience. This holistic approach to optimising your digital performance has many positive effects that should ultimately deliver results and a return on your investment (ROI).

SEO is an inbound marketing activity, meaning you are appealing to potential customers who are actively searching for your products/services. You are not interrupting their day with an advertisement or pushing your brand message upon them uninvited, so the quality of leads/enquiries that you generate will be strong, as they have found your website because you offer them a solution to their problem.

SEO is also very cost effective in comparison to other marketing efforts. While it’s not free, as there is a cost to developing your content and optimising your pages so they rank well, once you’ve made that initial investment, your content will continue to deliver results even if you do nothing further. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t refresh your content or actively maintain its accuracy and appeal to the right audience, but the results of successful SEO are long lasting and far reaching.

The primary benefits of good SEO include:


  1. An Improved User Experience:

    UX should be at the forefront of your mind with all digital marketing activity. Making your website faster and your content easier to find is good for both users and search engine optimisation. By making your content informative, relevant and accurate you will help your users answer their questions/solve their problems. This will result in increased page views, reduced bounce rates, improved dwell time and benefit engagement metrics throughout your site. Plus, your audience may even share your content on social media or cite it in articles that they write, generating valuable links.

  2. Increased Visibility Online: 

    Still a very important factor of SEO is the visibility of your website within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Improving the range of relevant search terms for which you rank well will result in more impressions and an improved click-through rate (CTR), bringing more potential customers to your site, which will generate more leads that convert into sales. Understanding how users phrase their searches for specific topics and producing succinct goal-oriented content to match that searcher’s intent will result in improved search engine visibility, increased conversions from organic search traffic and generate a greater ROI.

  3. Better Brand Awareness:

    The web is a crowded place. We’re here to help you stand out from the crowd by getting your brand noticed in local, national and (if relevant) international search results. Building a strong brand presence online and having good visibility for a broad range of topical search queries helps instil trust and credibility with your audience. Google’s Search Quality Evaluators Guidelines place a strong emphasis on EEAT (expertise, experience, authority & trustworthiness) as do your potential customers, albeit on a sub-conscious level. Therefore, by developing your online brand credibility and having strong digital PR, you are influencing your users before they even visit your site, improving your chances of converting them at some point further along their user journey.

  4. Gain a Competitive Edge:

    SEO forms a significant part of most business marketing strategies today. Regardless of what business niche you are in, it is a widely-known fact that increasing numbers of people are searching for, and purchasing, products and services. Mobile searches now outnumber traditional desktop or tablet searches and, with the rise of voice search and Intelligent Personal Assistants (IAPs), the trend towards researching and completing transactions online is set to stay. If you don’t rank on page one for a wide variation of key-phrases that are descriptive of your offering then you are not likely to generate many clicks for these terms, meaning that those enquiries/potential customers are visiting someone else’s website.

You can be pretty certain that your competitors are investing in SEO so can you afford not to? And, if by chance they are not, then do you want to miss out on such a good opportunity to seize the competitive advantage?

We Deliver Results

We’ve helped many companies improve their website performance. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the results below and see for yourself.
To discover more about how we work on specific campaigns, the client objectives and the results achieved, please browse our client case studies. Or, review our latest SEO project appraisals from the blocks below.
SEO Maintenance: Financial Advisers

SEO Maintenance: Financial Advisers

Results from A Long-Term SEO Maintenance CampaignNot only are Bespoke Digital incredible at what they do but Magnus is as honest as they come and very knowledgeable about marketing as a whole. Cherie-Anne Baxter - Marketing Director Unividual Limited The Client:...

Small Business SEO: Maths Tuition Business

Small Business SEO: Maths Tuition Business

A Long-Term SEO Maintenance CampaignWithin 12 months, Bespoke Digital took me from page 10+ to page 2 for all of our key search terms on Google. I receive monthly website performance reports, very good content audits and they always give me advice about how I can do...

White Label Service: Ecommerce SEO

White Label Service: Ecommerce SEO

SEO Audit, Strategy & Optimisation Bespoke Digital gave us easy access to the expert level SEO resource that we needed to deliver on client expectations & grow our business. We were able to confidently hand over the day to day running of multiple client...

What Our Clients Say

We believe that results speak loudest of all. See below for what some of our clients think about the work we do and the impact we deliver to their online business. Visit our testimonials page to read more kind words from our clients
“Not only are Bespoke Digital incredible at what they do but Magnus is as honest as they come and very knowledgeable about marketing as a whole.”

Cherie-Anne Baxter, Marketing Director. Unividual Ltd

“The work we received from Bespoke Digital was extremely high quality and exactly what we needed to fulfil our content strategy. Moreover, they were helpful and forthcoming with consultation and good advice throughout the projects we’ve done with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality content and digital growth.”

Ross Howard, Product Manager. Inbox Insight

“Bespoke Digital inspired confidence from first contact. What a relief to receive an insightful proposal based on in-depth research of our needs. Quality SEO work and content writing has increased our website performance giving a good return on investment. We have gone from “can we afford to do this?” to “what else can Bespoke Digital do for us.”

Paul Thorn, Director. Washware Essentials Ltd

“Bespoke Digital have great insight into the world of outreach and SEO, building key relationships with influential publishers to drive targeted traffic for both us and our clients.

Their output is sophisticated and well-researched, promoting great brand awareness and directly leading to positive enquiries. The team is proactive and a pleasure to deal with, even though I rarely hit their deadlines for changes or proofing!”

Jon Payne, Technical Director. Noisy Little Monkey

Our Work

We work with businesses large and small, helping to drive up their website’s search engine rankings, build their online authority and get found by new customers on the internet. Below is a selection of the brands we have worked with in recent years, offering SEO consultancy or other specialist digital marketing services.

Why Choose Bespoke Digital As Your SEO Consultants?

In a nutshell, we have masses of experience and are very good at SEO. We work hard to provide high quality SEO that delivers tangible results to our clients and pride ourself on our straightforward, comprehensive services.


Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated the depths of our knowledge about the range of website marketing services required by online businesses to be competitive on the internet today and highlighted where our expert SEO services would benefit your business, helping you earn more organic search traffic and win new customers.


We have a history of delivering great results for our clients. If you’d like to speak to any of them to check our credentials, please contact us and we’ll happily put you in touch. We are focused on delivering tangible results where you can clearly demonstrate a return on your investment.


We are a close knit team who will get to know you and your business personally. We like to act as an extension of your marketing department, working in partnership with you to deliver work that enhances your online presence and boosts website sales. We are responsive to your company’s changing needs and proactive in our approach to developing a digital strategy that works.


We believe that our results will speak for themselves, thus we will not tie you into long term contracts or insist on an unrealistic minimum monthly spend. We work on a day rate and wholeheartedly believe we offer a great value service. We have a high client retention rate and have many customers who work with us year after year. They wouldn’t do this unless we consistently delivered results at a reasonable rate.

Our Offices

Though we serve clients throughout the UK, we’ve made our home at our offices in Bristol and Cambridge.

Our dedicated SEO teams in Cambridge and Bristol bring unparalleled expertise and innovative strategies to help you navigate the competitive online market successfully.

Resources and Tools

We don’t believe in keeping knowledge to ourselves. The web is a wonderful place and we want everyone to have the opportunity to stand out. So, why not have a look at our SEO Guides for up-to-date articles on search optimisation and digital content marketing, plus how-to videos and reviews of the tools that we find most useful in our day-to-day activities.
Building and Sticking to Your SEO Editorial Calendar

Building and Sticking to Your SEO Editorial Calendar

Organise your content marketing strategy with an editorial calendar, aligning your overall SEO goals with your SEO content plans. We’ll take you through the basics of creating your content calendar and sticking to your planned schedule.

How BERT, The Helpful Content Update, and EEAT Impact SEO

How BERT, The Helpful Content Update, and EEAT Impact SEO

From 2019’s BERT to 2022’s Helpful Content Update, Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm to deliver better search results. Learn more about how you can use the algorithms, along with EEAT guidelines, to boost your SEO.

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