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What is SEO maintenance?

SEO maintenance is the process of keeping your website fine-tuned for optimal performance within a search engine’s organic results pages.

Maintaining your website for SEO is far more than just reporting on keyword performance and user metrics. It should form part of a holistic digital marketing drive to deliver great user experience and technical onsite efficiency.

Bespoke Digital offers a programme of SEO maintenance activities, which includes monitoring and refining all elements of your campaign as well as strategy development and reporting on KPIs.

We believe that nurturing your website health, performing regular SEO tasks and monitoring the visibility of your competitors is all part of maintaining your SEO.

Why is maintaining your SEO important?

Building the authority of your website takes considerable time and effort, and optimising your site to perform well within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) can take months, if not years, to achieve.

Once you have attained those elusive SEO goals, you shouldn’t stop and focus your attention elsewhere, as your authority will begin to ebb away. Even if your competitors aren’t already nipping at your heels they soon will be and the search algorithms are constantly evolving, meaning that you need to continually refine your SEO strategy to ensure you remain competitive and retain your hard-earned search engine visibility.

A great analogy, supporting the argument for regular SEO maintenance, is to consider that you have just spent time landscaping and planting your garden. If you just leave it to grow unchecked, things will get out of control. Plants will become overgrown and weeds will take hold. Come back in a year (or more) and your lovely garden will not be as you remember it and the effort to restore it to its former glory will be far greater than if you had regularly mowed, pruned and pulled weeds.

Routine, proactive and preventative SEO maintenance is less costly and time-consuming than the occasional sprint to improve performance, as you will detect minor issues before they develop into major headaches. Plus, by regularly maintaining your website you will mitigate the number of error pages resulting in fewer bad experiences for your audience.

What will a maintenance contract include?

Every website is unique, therefore every maintenance contract will vary depending on your situation. However, maintaining and improving your SEO will involve certain common processes if you are to achieve consistent performance.

Some highlights of our SEO maintenance checklist include:

Monitor SERPs performance
Check for coverage issues
Review indexed pages
Identify crawl errors
Inspect mobile usability
Test site/page load speeds
Analyse website traffic
Audit keyword performance
Detail content engagement
Fix broken links
Diagnose optimisation issues
Maintain local listings
Manage Google My Business
Refining SEO strategy
Report on sales/lead KPIs

How frequently should you review your SEO health?

SEO should not be seen as a one-off website health check activity, or an ‘every now and then when I’ve got some budget’ task. Instead, search engine optimisation should be treated as an awareness marketing campaign, something that you need to continually work at to improve your search visibility.

Broken down into a series of weekly, monthly and yearly tasks, ongoing SEO maintenance should be structured into short and long term goals with clear KPIs (key performance indicators) and benchmarks by which to measure your progress.

Building a programme of routine SEO maintenance and aligning it with your other digital marketing activities should result in increased performance for all of your online channels and ultimately deliver improved CTRs (click-through rates), more revenue and a better ROI (return on investment).

Why use Bespoke to keep your website up to date?

Using our SEO maintenance service has many benefits beyond the obvious one, that you don’t have to do the work yourself.

Bespoke Digital are SEO specialists. We live and breathe search engine optimisation and dedicate all of our time to maintaining healthy websites that perform well within the natural/organic SERPs.

To achieve this deep level of understanding of what does, and doesn’t, influence the search algorithms, we spend a lot of time reviewing and testing theories as well as many hours every month engaged in debates within the SEO community about the latest trends and tactics.

This continuing cycle of learning, testing, analysis and monitoring means that we are very responsive to changes in performance. We are able to quickly spot drops in traffic to a strategic page, or a decrease in search visibility, and react to that change before the impact is too great.

Being aware of the latest Google algorithm updates and knowing how, and if, to react to both core and minor updates is critical to the ongoing process of maintaining your site.

You can learn how to manage and maintain your website yourself and we encourage you to do just that. We offer a programme of SEO training to help you along that path and are always open for a chat about any concerns or questions you may have. However, if you want to focus on managing and developing other areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that you have an expert team maintaining your SEO strategy and keeping your website healthy, then we recommend that you consider an SEO maintenance contract with us.

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