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Improve your SEO knowledge with our bespoke search marketing training service. We have programmes suitable for all practitioners from beginners to experts.
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Bespoke Digital offers a professional SEO training service targeted at developing the skills of your in-house digital marketing team.

Our courses are designed to explore the theory behind different SEO techniques while participants develop an understanding of how to implement new techniques within best practice guidelines.

The training we provide covers the core digital marketing skills required to effectively promote an online business right through to advanced level SEO strategies.

Whether you are at management level looking to develop your skills or you have copywriters who want to learn how to optimise blogs for better performance, we have the perfect SEO training programme for you.

Who are our search engine optimisation training courses suitable for?

We offer a full SEO training syllabus from entry level, where you will learn the basics of search marketing and develop an understanding of how search works, through to expert level programmes focused on developing a deep understanding of advanced SEO techniques.

Designed to meet the needs of business owners and in-house marketing managers, as well as digital marketing professionals and agency teams offering SEO services to their clients, our bespoke training programmes are tailored to your learning goals and existing level of SEO knowledge.

Whether you’re a SEO novice seeking to understand the basics or you’re a digital marketing professional looking to improve your understanding of a specific area of organic search engine optimisation, we have a programme suited to your requirements and, if we don’t, we will design one specifically for you.

What will you learn from our SEO academy?

The fundamentals of SEO haven’t changed much in the past 10 years, but the subtleties of how to implement certain techniques are continually evolving. Staying up to date with current best practice can be a full time job, but we have taken the effort out of researching what is and isn’t important to know and condensed our knowledge into a range of programmes that can be taken in isolation or as part of a series of SEO training sessions.

Bespoke Digital are SEO purists, focused solely on white hat (best practice) search engine optimisation techniques and we are continually learning, testing and implementing these methodologies to understand what works best and delivers the greatest return on investment.

All of our website optimisation training modules are taught in plain English, easy to understand and free from jargon. Our teaching style is designed to be relaxed and informative with participants encouraged to get involved and contribute questions and ideas as the day progresses.

We use real life examples to demonstrate the points we are making and, where possible, stick to using your, or your competitor’s, website when highlighting how these techniques can be implemented.

All slides and training material are made available after the session and follow-up questions are encouraged once participants have had time to mull the ideas over and begin to implement the techniques learnt.

Our SEO syllabi include:

Bespoke Digital’s ‘Starting out in SEO’ training syllabus includes:
  • An introduction to SEO and how search works
  • What factors influence SEO success
  • What is onsite optimisation & what are the important on page elements
  • How to do effective keyword research, including SERPs & competitor analysis
  • Why content is so important to search performance
  • Measuring ROI (return on investment) from your SEO activity
  • The benefits of SEO & how SEO complements other areas of digital marketing

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Intermediate level SEO practitioners will enjoy the following lessons:
  • Technical SEO. A step by step guide to auditing a website
  • What is content marketing & how to conduct an effective outreach campaign
  • How to build a digital marketing strategy & integrate SEO within it
  • How to use Google Analytics & Search Console to improve your SEO
  • How to optimise your content for SERPs performance & conversions
  • Setting effective goals & defining campaign KPI’s
  • How to boost conversions & deliver ROI

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Our advanced level SEO training curriculum includes:
  • Link building, how to audit your links & assess the authority of sites
  • Understanding searchers’ intent & writing content to meet both primary & secondary intents
  • How to research, write & optimise content that will rank
  • How to improve the reach of your content online & build new audiences
  • How to build the authority of your website & understand what metrics are important
  • How to sell SEO services, highlighting the benefits & managing objections
  • How to combine your digital strategies into one cohesive campaign

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Where do we deliver our SEO training programmes?

Our SEO training service is designed to be easy for you, with this in mind, we deliver all of our training sessions in your offices to minimise time out for you or your staff.

The ideal class size is 4 to 6 participants. However, we are equally happy presenting to larger groups or offering personalised one-on-one SEO training. For classes of greater than 10 we charge a premium. Please, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Improve your SEO skills 

Learn SEO and gain a better understanding of how your website functions, both in search and from a usability perspective. Get in touch using the form below to find out more about our SEO training.

Teach yourself SEO

We encourage you to learn SEO and develop online marketing skills in your own time as well as participating in our programme of SEO training workshops. Studying what does and doesn’t influence the search algorithms, and gaining a deep understanding of SEO techniques, is not something that can be learnt in a day. While we can teach you the principles behind a technique, to master the subtleties of search engine optimisation requires time, practice and real world implementation/experience.

As part of our commitment to disseminating knowledge and promoting best practice SEO, we regularly write ‘how to’ SEO guides and review the latest tools and techniques that can make the job of any SEO practitioner more efficient.

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