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A Long-Term SEO Maintenance Campaign


Increase in site users


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in goal completions

Within 12 months, Bespoke Digital took me from page 10+ to page 2 for all of our key search terms on Google. I receive monthly website performance reports, very good content audits and they always give me advice about how I can do better when I write content. As a small business owner with a new website, I would strongly recommend.

Sam Trapp – CEO
Metatutor, Bristol

The Client:

The Client: Metatutor are a maths tuition agency operating in the Bristol area. They offer one to one tutors for maths at GCSE and A-Level standards. 

Metatutor contacted us to improve their SEO with an ongoing maintenance service aimed at driving leads to their website. 

Their Objectives:

As a small business, Metatutor’s ultimate goal is to attract more clients to their services, and, in turn, increase their overall revenue. A strong online presence was necessary in order to generate new leads in a business with high client turnover, as students complete their exams and move on. When they first reached out to us, they obtained a majority of these leads through word-of-mouth referrals, and very little by way of their website, and we set out to change this. 

To begin with, we conducted our initial SEO audit to identify the most critical elements to work on, and used this to create a personalised strategy for optimising the website and improving organic search results. 

The goal was to create a strong base for SEO that could be built upon in years to come and would help drive leads in the Bristol area, meaning local SEO would be essential to our approach. 

We also worked with Metatutor to create an ongoing content strategy. Our approach involved researching and recommending content and, once written, optimising for publication on the website. 

Our Approach:

Our strategy for search engine optimisation included the following:

  • An initial consultation to set goals and expectations
  • A full SEO audit, including keywords and competitor analysis
  • On-page optimisation of key pages
  • Creating and deploying a content strategy to boost SERP visibility
  • A local SEO strategy focused on the Bristol area
  • Implementing conversion tracking
  • Ongoing SEO maintenance
  • Regular reporting and updates

The Results

Since working with us, Metatutor has gone from receiving very few regular leads via their website, to organic traffic and web leads becoming the primary source for new clients. Traffic to the site and web visibility also improved exponentially.

  1. Website user numbers growing over time

strong growth of web users over time
  1. Steady growth of clicks from search since the SEO campaign began

Organic clicks growing over time

Interested in Long-Term SEO Campaigns?

Long term SEO results can help you unlock your website’s potential, elevating site visibility and establishing your brand, ultimately leading to more conversions for you. For more information on what we offer as part of long-term SEO campaigns, get in touch today.

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