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We specialise in auditing websites for SEO, ensuring they comply with Google's guidelines and stand out in the SERPs.
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What is an SEO audit?

A website or SEO audit is an analysis of the on-page signals, that you provide to users and search engines, which, in turn, help to define your relevance to a given search query.

The goal of a technical SEO audit is to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations on how to boost your rankings, ideally getting you to the first page of Google for your target search terms.

The best search engine optimisation audits are not just focused on increasing your website’s visibility they should also look to enhance user experience (UX) and improve conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

The key to online success is understanding which factors have the most influence to improve both your ranking and user engagement.

Personalised website optimisation advice.
No automated SEO analysis.

At Bespoke Digital, we believe in providing specialist website analysis that comes with actionable optimisation advice. Unlike the many automated SEO audit reports that are touted, we look to develop an understanding of your business and who your target audience is. We then manually interrogate your site looking for obstacles that may prevent it from performing as well as it should. Despite the advancements in web crawling tools, there is no automated platform that can replace the experienced eye of someone who is a specialist in website auditing.

Following best practice SEO guidelines, we conduct thorough keyword research and evaluate your site to assess its relevance to your target search terms. The greater the trust and authority given to the quality of your website content, the more closely matched to the searcher’s intent you’ll be and, therefore, the higher your website will rank. Plus, providing expert quality content and a great user experience will ensure that you deliver value to your audience, which will result in improved engagement metrics and ultimately lead to customer acquisition and more conversions.

Our website audit report will help you focus on specific keywords within the context of individual web pages, and structure those pages to sit comfortably within the hierarchy of your site and as part of your overall customer journey.

What we cover in our technical website audits.

Some of the key HTML elements and onsite optimisation factors we analyse as part of our SEO site audits include:

URL structure
Site architecture
Page speed analysis
Mobile SEO/responsiveness
On-page content
Internal & external linking
Calls to action
Image optimisation
Duplicate content issues
Page title/title tags
Headings: H1 & H2 tags
Meta descriptions
Meta directives/meta robots
301 redirections & 404 page
Google’s page indexation
Search Console & XML sitemaps
Schema/Microdata markup
Canonical URLs

How we deliver our SEO auditing service.

Our onsite optimisation checklist is regularly reviewed and updated and takes many Google ranking factors into consideration, but it can be broken down into 7 core areas:
  • Pre-audit consultation
  • Keyword & competitor research
  • SEO analysis
  • Identify issues & HTML improvements
  • Prioritise recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Measure & Review

Pre-audit consultation: 

The starting point for any SEO health check is a discussion with you, so we can get a clear understanding of your objectives and goals, plus an insight into any indexation or ranking problems that you are aware of.

Keyword & competitor research: 

We’ll conduct a forensic analysis of your existing keyword focus, plus investigate opportunities to add new high volume search terms to your strategy. Keyword research wouldn’t be complete without identifying and analysing your competitors to gain insight into terms customers may use to search for your business.

SEO analysis: 

Our site audit looks at all on-page elements to ensure your site is visible, relevant and penalty-free while maintaining a user-friendly and goal-orientated approach to functionality.

Identify issues & HTML improvements: 

A manual website audit report is unique to each website, however, our expert technical SEO analysis will highlight onpage signals which may be preventing your site from performing as well as it should. Along with eliminating potentially penalising factors such as duplicate content, we can often transform your search engine rankings just by enabling Google to crawl and index the pages of your site more effectively.

Prioritise recommendations: 

Following our in-depth SEO audit, we will present our findings to you in a detailed report outlining the importance of each ranking factor and the severity of the issues we’ve identified. From this, we will be able to build a strategy to implement the recommended SEO improvements that will result in increased search traffic.


This process will most likely involve changes to the code of your website, so our SEO specialists will work with you, or your web developer, to implement the recommendations from our website audit report.

Measure & Review: 

No website audit service would be complete without measuring its effect and reporting the impact they have on your position in the organic search results and resulting traffic to your site. We believe that ongoing monitoring of your website health is critical if you are to fulfil your potential within the search results and demonstrate true return on investment (ROI).

The types of website review we work on.

We have conducted hundreds of advanced website audits over the years, and, despite the unique nature of every one, they can be largely grouped together into the following types of audit:

  1. Search performance audit:

    The most common form of SEO website audit, this evaluates the performance of your site in line with your SEO strategy, addressing any HTML issues causing the search engines spiders problems when crawling your site and indexing its pages.

  2. Site migration audit:

    If you are rebranding your website, moving to a new CMS, changing domains or migrating to https, we will help you manage the process and mitigate the impact on your organic search engine performance. The goal is a smooth transition while maintaining/improving; rankings, organic click-through rates (CTR) and user engagement.

  3. Content audit:

    Is your content unique and compelling? Does it perform well? User engagement is a key ranking signal, so providing relevant content, which meets the user intent, will improve onsite dwell time and reduce bounce rates. Our content audits support you in creating keyword focused clusters of interlinked content, as well as highlighting areas of thin or duplicate content within your site. We will then work with you to create an editorial calendar and develop fresh articles to fill any content gaps.

  4. External link audit:

    Backlinks are a very important SEO signal with domain trust and authority, as well as contextual relevance, major factors in determining the impact (positive or negative) of each link. Our link audits will assess your existing backlink profile, reporting on broken links as well as anchor text and landing page distribution, highlighting authoritative links as well as any low quality or toxic links. We can, if necessary, offer a link clean-up service, removing or disavowing negative equity links. Similarly, we offer a competitor link auditing service where we identify new opportunities for you to target.

  5. Penalty recovery audit:

    Have you seen a sudden decline in organic traffic to your site? If so, it’s possible that you’ve been affected by one of Google’s many algorithmic penalties. Google’s Panda is one of the more well-known updates, focused on thin quality content, but, link quality, local SEO signals and page load speeds have all been areas of focus in recent years. Sometimes, Google will manually review your adherence to its Search Quality Guidelines, and if it finds you in breach you’ll receive a manual penalty notification via Search Console. Whatever the cause of your drop in traffic, our audit will identify the root cause of the problem and highlight a clear path to recovery.

  6. Local SEO audit:

    With mobile search overtaking desktop and the progressive rise of voice search, local SEO is increasingly important for many businesses. Our audits review your regional business’s visibility in Google’s Knowledge Panel, Google Maps and Google My Business. We will audit your local reviews, analyse your local citations and ensure NAP (name, address and postcode) consistency across all your visible profiles. Then we will work with you on building a strategy to amplify your brand within your local business area.

  7. International SEO audit:

    Does your business have customers from outside the UK? If so do you provide multi-lingual content or pages specifically targeting each country you operate in? If you answered yes, then you need to be aware of geotargeting and hreflang tags that Google uses to match searcher’s language preference to content most appropriate to them. Our international search audit will review your existing international search visibility and support you as you develop your presence throughout the globe.

No matter what niche your business operates in, or if you are an SME or multi-national e-commerce site, we have a tried and tested SEO evaluation process and a specialist audit service that will ensure your website performs well for both visitors and search engines. Our web optimisation professionals are expert at ensuring that your site is visible to the search engine spiders, giving clear signals about the keyword terms your pages are relevant for and ensuring that your onsite optimisation strategy is clear and aligned with best practice.

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