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Supporting Small Businesses

Now more than ever, improving online visibility is crucial for the success of small businesses. A strong online presence is the key to finding new clients or customers – and SEO can help you position yourself where you need to be to reach them.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, can be a cost-effective, yet powerful solution to boost web visibility, improve traffic to your website, and ultimately generate leads and conversions to increase your ROI.

Why is SEO important for SMEs?

In ever increasing numbers, internet users are turning to search engines to find the solutions to their problems. From answering burning questions to researching their next big purchase, our day to day lives are influenced by search engine results pages in more ways than one. 

For small businesses looking to start their SEO journey, knowing how to leverage the power of search to drive relevant, high quality traffic to your website is essential for achieving long-lasting success. 

For website owners, getting to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is crucial, with the majority of user traffic clicking on those top ranking results.

In order to make sure your small business is getting seen by it’s target audiences, you’ll need to find a way to optimise your site for keywords and phrases that match search queries relevant to your business.

Compared to more traditional advertising methods, SEO can be an incredibly cost-effective option for reaching potential customers. After all, you are priming your site to be found by searchers who are already actively showing an interest in what you have to offer.

The effects of SEO are long-term and sustainable, and once your website begins to gain traction, with a strong strategy it can continue to attract organic traffic for years to come.

The long-term ROI of SEO against regular monthly investments

SEO Services For Small Businesses

No two businesses are the same, and no two SEO strategies should be either. Small businesses should think carefully about their unique goals and challenges and align their SEO tactics accordingly for best results. However, there are a few general areas of SEO that should be considered.

As a small business, local SEO will more than likely be incredibly important for your online success. Local SEO is the process of optimisation relating to a specific geographical area, such as your city or town.

For small businesses, particularly those with a physical storefront or office for clients to visit, optimising for your keywords plus a location (i.e. SEO agency in Cambridge) can help you gain an edge over your closest competition and position yourself where potential customers can easily find your products or services.

Keywords and Content

Thorough keyword research can dramatically improve the chances of higher rankings. Identifying the most relevant keywords that strike a balance between consistent, quality traffic and without a high level of competition, and strategically infusing them into your content is a tried and tested SEO strategy.

Once you have your keywords, you’ll want to use them to craft creative, informative content that has been optimised for SERP success, and provides value to your target audience. 

A strong content strategy not only improves your web visibility, but serves to build a rapport with your visitors and convert them into loyal customers who return to your business again and again. 

Technical SEO

It might sound obvious, but having a well-optimised website isn’t just about the written content you have to conduct a technical SEO audit as well. Think about your website as an entire experience. You need to make sure every aspect is considered and streamlined to make the visit as pleasant as possible and entice your audience to engage. 

This may mean thinking about how easy it is to navigate your website and locate the content a searcher might be looking for – how easily can your visitors get in touch with you, or make a purchase? 

To add to this, you’ll also want to analyse the functionality of your website, paying particular attention to page speeds and loading times and how your website looks and behaves on a range of devices to ensure as many visitors as possible are able to use it effectively. 

Staying On Top of Your SEO

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, updating to better align with changing user trends. In response, it is important to regularly monitor and assess your approach to SEO and ensure your efforts are attuned to the latest guidelines.

With regular SEO reporting, small businesses will have insight into their traffic growth and keyword rankings, and can identify and analyse when their strategy may need adjusting. It is critical to stay on top  of the latest developments within the world of SEO to ensure continued success.

Our Approach to SEO

At Bespoke Digital, we offer complete SEO campaigns that leave no stone unturned. Our process begins with an initial consultation, in which we get to know your business’ short-term and long term goals, your target audience and what makes you unique. 

From this, we form the foundation of your SEO strategy, allowing us to conduct a comprehensive site audit, build a customised plan, perform in-depth keyword research, and optimise your website. We provide our clients with complete transparency, with regular reports and updates from our SEO team. 

Our top tips for SEO for Small Business

Lets recap with our top SEO tips for tour operators:

  1. Define your goals and target audience
  2. Create your SEO strategy
  3. Identify relevant keywords to help inform your content strategy.
  4. Analyse the user experience.
  5. Think about local SEO

What we can do for you

At Bespoke Digital, we offer affordable SEO solutions that deliver tangible results for small businesses. Our services are tailor-made for each of our clients, based on their unique needs. 

Unlike other agencies, we don’t tie our clients into lengthy contracts, allowing the ongoing quality of our work to speak to itself. We can help your business thrive in an online landscape, achieving long-term, sustainable results. 

To get started with your SEO journey, get in touch with us today.

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