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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation, distribution and promotion of content (not just in the written form) with a view to engaging with your existing and prospective customers, sharing your thoughts, opinions and expertise, and raising awareness of your brand within target industry sectors.

As a specialist content marketing agency, we liaise with publishers to ensure your content finds its way to the most influential websites. Exposure on niche platforms with loyal readers builds trust, positioning your business as a thought leader, and will deliver quality referral traffic to your site which improves conversions.

Why is content marketing important for your business?

Content marketing is important for a business as it gives you the opportunity to speak to new audiences outside of your existing marketing channels. While producing content for your own website and social media profiles can be considered as content marketing, we refer to this as copywriting and/or social media marketing. Content marketing, in our eyes, is the practice of contributing content to third party publications or blogs. This form of digital PR is often referred to as exposure on ‘earned media’ as you can’t just publish whatever you want, you earn your place through merit and credibility.

Engaging with your existing audience via your own website and social profiles is also very important. However, so is generating a new client base and promoting your knowledge, skills and services beyond the reach of your ‘owned’ and ‘rented media’ platforms.

Promoting your expertise to journalists and publishers by offering quotes, interviews and other forms of industry insight will earn you brand mentions and demonstrate your credibility through expert knowledge sharing. Raising awareness of your business within a niche audience will also reinforce your reputation, which will lead to greater brand trust, enquiries and ultimately sales.

Our content marketing service also helps your SEO efforts as Google positively rewards sites that acquire links from authoritative sources. Citations, or backlinks, received from third party publications are treated as independent endorsements of your business which search engines value highly when it comes to assessing the expertise, authority and trustworthiness (EAT) of a site.

Whether you call it digital PR, outreach or link building, the practice of engaging with influential media outlets within your business niche should be a key component of any content marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

  • It’s cost effective
  • It delivers great ROI
  • You engage with existing customers
  • You build relations with new audiences
  • You build brand awareness & trust
  • You influence buying decisions
  • You educate readers about your product

​As a form of marketing activity, inbound content marketing is very cost effective and offers a good return on investment (ROI). Clearly, you have to invest the time to produce insightful content that audiences will engage with, however, as content is so influential at many different touchpoints in the customer journey, one piece of well positioned content can deliver value for many years.

With this in mind, you have to consider the type of content that you are producing: seasonal or evergreen; the form of content that best suits your audience: written, graphical, video etc; what value the content offers to the consumer; and what outcomes you are looking to achieve.

One of the key benefits of content marketing is that great content can influence the decisions of your readers throughout the buying cycle. Not only do you build brand trust, but you can educate potential customers about your product/service in a non-salesy manner. Your content should offer value with no strings attached, free information, advice or guidance, but there is no harm in alluding to how expert you are in this area and how you might be able to help solve the reader’s problems.

People respond well to this form of marketing as it’s informal rather than advertising. It’s considered to be permissive not interruption marketing, as the reader has sought out your article and consumed it on their terms. They are benefiting from your knowledge transfer and you are gaining the opportunity to build a relationship with new audiences.

Lastly, content marketing benefits your other digital and offline marketing activities by supporting your overall marketing strategy. Focussed niche specific content, published on third-party sites, act as satellite articles to the content hubs and clusters published on your own site. This reinforces your on-page relevance for related search terms, which is great for your SEO efforts. Published articles also provide you with a wealth of material to share on social media and content to add to email marketing and newsletters.

What will a bespoke content marketing contract include?

Every content marketing campaign is bespoke and tailored to suit your business. However, they can all broadly be broken down into the following component parts:


In collaboration with you we identify the most authoritative magazines and sites within your target market, this might be your own business niche, that of your potential customers, or both. We then research and profile additional prospective publishers that specifically address or that are pertinent to these sectors.

Our research methods include analysing your site’s current backlinks and seeing who links to those sites, as well as analysis of your competitor’s backlinks and their social media connections. We also search Google for topics and keywords related to each target vertical to discover what your audience is discussing and where they are turning to for knowledge.


Following this initial research, we will have a good understanding of the most influential publications for your sector and where your prospective customers are turning to for their industry news and opinions.

At this point, we will define the scope for your content marketing strategy, how many articles we will publish and over what period of time. We also begin to develop an editorial calendar. Working up ideas for both content creation and research pieces that will appeal to both publishers and their readership.


Next, we reach out to the editors, site owners and influencers of our target publications via email, telephone and social media to get the content ideas we are creating out there and commissioned on your behalf.

We publicise your expertise within the industry and highlight your understanding of trends and pain points that influence the decisions that shape the market. Journalists are always on the lookout for reliable sources of insight into current affairs within a niche, we make sure that you are top of mind when their need for an interview or quote arises.

We are constantly refining and building on our database of potential publishers, by initiating new relationships with key industry influencers as well as reviewing and nurturing the relationships we already have.

Content Production: 

Once a publication has accepted our offer of a content contribution, we write the article, conduct the interview or compose the quotes, each tailored specifically for the publishing site, to meet their editorial criteria and the needs of their audience.

This form of manual outreach and digital PR, coupled with a strong editorial strategy, which should naturally acquire citations, is the most ethical form of link building. Great quality content that addresses the needs of your audience is something that will get talked about, shared on social media and referenced by other authors in the industry.

For more insight into how we manage a content marketing campaign, read our guide on How to do your own prospecting & outreach.

Why use Bespoke as your content marketing agency?

  1. Our Experience:

    We have run hundreds of successful content marketing campaigns for clients over the past 10 years, publishing thousands of articles and contributing insight to many interviews and opinion pieces.

    This mass of experiece at conducting genuine ‘white hat’ link building gives us invaluable insight into what does and doesn’t make an effective content marketing strategy and how likely we are to achieve the levels of exposure that you need.

  2. No blog networks or paid link placements:

    We never use networks of sites to build links and we never pay for content placement (or editorial administration fees) as both of these are in contravention with Google’s Guidelines on best practice SEO.

    Our proven track record of publishing content on many of the top news and media outlets speaks for itself. We have refined the process of assessing the authority and relevance of a prospective publisher’s site so that the placements we achieve deliver you PR value, social exposure and quality referral traffic, as well as the SEO value of the link.

  3. 100% Unique Editorial:

    All of our editorial is completely unique and written to journalistic standards, tailored specifically for the site on which it is published, while keeping both the audience’s interests and your brand message in mind. Our skilled team of copywriters will undertake detailed research before writing any words and won’t recycle articles by simply reworking the same concepts over and over.

    From how-to guides and top tens to in-depth analysis and evergreen editorial, we can produce and publish a wide variety of content on your behalf. We’re happy to independently research new areas of interest around your industry, or use and promote ideas from your own site. We’ll even create regular posts for your own blog if this is something you don’t have time to do yourself.

    Learn more about our copywriting and content creation services here.

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