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An introduction to SEO



Knowledge Level (0-10)

Magnus really knows his stuff. I asked him to present to our team about the benefits of SEO working alongside PPC. The presentation was flawless and the team found it extremely useful. 


We can now sell SEO as a complimentary service to PPC.

Simon Smart – Director
Keel Over Marketing

The Client:

Keel Over Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bristol offering PPC, SEO and social media marketing services to businesses throughout the UK.

Primarily focused on paid search and social ad services, Keel Over were looking to improve their in-house knowledge of SEO to help their team better sell search engine optimisation services to clients.

Their Objectives:

In 2019, Keel Over approached Bespoke Digital with a brief to develop an SEO training program with the goal of developing the skills of their account managers and sales team.

After an initial consultation, we identified the core training objectives as being:

  • To build a solid foundation of understanding on how search & SEO work
  • Improve employee knowledge of best practice SEO techniques
  • Boost confidence in the effectiveness of SEO and its value to clients
  • Learn how to identify client needs, set campaign goals and demonstrate success

The challenges we faced included providing a flexible and comprehensive training structure which would accommodate the different knowledge levels of team members, and to ensure a consistent approach to selling the benefits of SEO alongside their existing PPC offering.

Once we had established these aims we were able to create a training schedule to meet this brief.

Our Approach:

Our SEO training program included:

  • What is SEO? Understanding how search works
  • Factors that influence SEO success
  • What is onsite optimisation?
  • How to do effective keyword research
  • Why is content so important in SEO?
  • Link building / Content Marketing techniques
  • Measuring return on investment (ROI) from SEO

The Results

The business impact following our training included:

  • Improved understanding of SEO and client needs
  • Increased revenue per client
  • Retention of key customer accounts
  • New SEO contracts signed
  • Boost to customer satisfaction

Are you interested in developing your knowledge of SEO?

Do you want to learn about specific SEO techniques, to reduce your reliance on external SEO providers, or are you simply looking to broaden your understanding of search? Either way, get in touch and we will be able to help.

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