We are Onsite Optimisation Specialists

They say home is where the heart is and that’s exactly where our digital health checks begin. Your website is at the heart of your online business and it’s critical that it performs well for both visitors and search engines, which is why take great care in ensuring it’s as optimised as it can be.

From keyword research to URL structure and metadata analysis, with a proven record in onsite optimisation our website audits look at all on-page elements to ensure your site is visible, relevant and penalty-free whilst maintaining a user friendly and goal orientated approach to functionality.

Optimise your website for organic search performance

Digital Health Checks

The onsite recommendations and auditing services are where we really see the value of Bespoke Digital’s expertise.

Gemma Maroney, Solution IP

Our digital health check is the starting point of your online marketing campaign. We’ll conduct a clinical analysis of your keyword focus and website structure to identify opportunities for improvement. Reporting our findings back to you along with step-by-step instructions for you or your web developer to implement.

We’ll then help you focus specific keywords within the content of individual web pages, and structure those web pages to maximise your site’s visibility. Along with eliminating potentially penalising factors such as duplicate content, we can often transform your search engine rankings just by enabling Google to crawl and index your site more effectively.

Our onpage optimisation checklist is regularly reviewed and updated and takes many factors into consideration, however it can be broken down into three main areas:

Keyword Research and Implementation

Keyword & Key Phrase ResearchThe first stage of our onpage SEO health check involves an analysis of your existing keywords and website structure. We’ll research and identify any new keywords we feel you should be targeting and then build key phrase groups around each of them. After we’ve completed this process we’ll turn our attention to integrating these keywords into the page titles and content of your site and, if necessary, helping you to structure those webpages in a systematic and logical fashion. By carefully placing specific keywords in the titles and content of the page, we can drastically affect your site’s perceived relevance for them, improving your visibility within the organic search results pages.

Meta keywords and meta descriptions hold far less weight with the search engines these days but they are nonetheless an important part of this process, with the meta descriptions in particular being hugely influential in driving traffic from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

This process will involve changes to the code of your website, so our SEO specialists will work with you or your web developer to implement our recommendations.

Site Structure

There are many reasons your website may not be as visible to the search engines as it could be. Quite often poor rankings can be the result of poor site structure. Along with keyword research and implementation, we’ll look at your site’s overall structure and how it can be improved.

By optimising your URLs we can lend weight to the relevance of each page and ensure that the overall structure of the site does not have areas of weakness or duplication. Having easily navigable pages and links from one area of the site to another increases the user experience and is rewarded by the search engines.

Onsite Optimisation ExpertsPoorly optimised headers could be another area of focus. Many websites fail to realise the benefits of properly structured headers. The <h1> tag not only acts as a title to any human browsing your website but helps define the focus of each page to the search engine spiders as well. Where possible, these should include variations of your primary key phrase to increase page relevance and visibility.

Image and video optimization is also a much overlooked area. Search Engines cannot read images, so ‘Alt tags’ and image file names need to be optimised.

Last but not least are your HTML and XML sitemaps. The first of these will affect the user experience and the second allows the search engines to crawl your site effectively. We’ll make sure both are up to scratch.

Penalty Avoidance

Even well structured websites can incur penalties. A seemingly innocuous and innocent mistake can often result in a minor onsite penalty and see your site’s rankings drop in the SERPs. Worst of all is that there is often no obvious reason why this has happened or how to resolve the issue.

Through Bespoke Digital my website has gone from obscurity to becoming my main source of client enquiries.

Steve Harland, Counsellor

We’re experts at spotting and fixing these mistakes and will scour your website for potential risks as part of our Digital Health Check. The first thing we’ll look for is duplicate content. All your content should be unique and not duplicated anywhere on your site or on the wider web. This is still one of the most common factors resulting in sites being unnecessarily penalised by Google.

Another unnecessary loss in authority can result from too many broken links. Too many sites have broken links scattered throughout them. Not only do these confuse the spiders but they will lose any relevance previously passed within your site or to it from broken external links. We’ll audit your website’s links and advise what action you need to take.[/su_icon_text]

We’re website optimisation experts and ensuring that your corner of the internet is visible to the search engines with highly-relevant keywords is the foundation of all of our digital marketing activity. Give us a call today if you have any onsite SEO questions.