Monitor and Manage Your Reputation Online

The increasing trust internet users give to third-party opinions and reviews when making purchasing decisions online, means that monitoring and managing your digital reputation has become essential to any well rounded marketing strategy.

In today’s climate of user-generated content and social media, bad reviews or negative sentiment can spread like wildfire. With a good reputation management strategy in place we can mitigate against the worst effects of any negative press.

Why is Digital PR so important?

Online Public Relations

The idea behind PR (public relations) hasn’t really changed much over the years but the mediums through which it can be practiced have changed dramatically. Unlike most forms of online marketing, digital PR’s ultimate aim isn’t about selling services but rather about increasing a company or organisation’s ‘share of voice’ within a certain social sphere of your industry niche.

Think of it as selling an image of you and your brand to the wider community in which you operate. In today’s world, this increasingly means on social media but online PR is about a multi-channel approach that includes your own website as well as the wider web, sponsorship opportunities, native advertising and press releases. Digital PR can take many forms but is essentially concerned with creating a sense of trust, familiarity and authority around your brand.

Management and Monitoring

Reputation Management & MonitoringReputation management can be broken down into three areas; management, monitoring and response. As your company grows so to do the number of people who become aware of it. It is important to manage and monitor your brand’s online persona, and have a strategy in place to run alongside your other SEO and marketing activities. These can be seen as the proactive arms of digital reputation management.

Management involves not just publishing positive brand building content in places where your audience will read it, but also reacting to any negativity on the web and counterbalancing it with proactive responses, showing how you deal with customer complaints, and encouraging positive reviews of your business to reinforce this message.

This activity goes hand in hand with the task of monitoring your online reputation so you have an awareness of exactly what people are saying about your company and its products or services online, as soon as they are saying it.

By establishing an effective internet PR strategy that proactively manages and monitors your online voice we can help you to identify any bad reviews or negative sentiment if and when it occurs.


Online Reputation ManagementThe reactive element of your reputation management strategy is all to do with your response. What you say, when you say it, where you say it and across how many platforms you say it, will all affect how successful you will ultimately be at mitigating the effects of any negative reviews. Through proactively building your reputation across as many platforms as possible, we will be able to marshal and coordinate the response you make to any unhappy individuals or groups.

By responding in an honest and timely manner, across all affected platforms, whilst proactively putting out a positive message on others, you can not only maintain trust with the majority of your satisfied customer base, but build upon it by showing you are willing to promptly deal with any issues which may arise in the future.

Syndication and Social

The power of social media to spread information to huge numbers of people at unprecedented speed makes it both a powerful marketing tool and a potentially dangerous forum for negative sentiment and criticism. We can create and manage social media profiles across any platforms where your industry is present. As well as helping you build your overall share of voice, this will establish a channel through which you can respond and react to any negative criticism. By taking control of the situation on social media you can effectively put out any fire before it gets going.

Having an established and well promoted presence across multiple social platforms also means your site and your social profile pages will be more likely to dominate the search results for your brand related terms, meaning more people will see your side of the story first should the bad times come.

We also offer a press release and article marketing service where we create and syndicate newsworthy stories about your business. Utilising well respected and popular news wire and article sites, will not only aid your online reputation but can also deliver additional traffic to your site.

Do you have concerns about the effectiveness of your public relations online or would you like to discuss a specific idea for managing your reputation? If so, please contact our team of specialists today.