Link Quality

Whilst good links are seen as positive endorsements, driving traffic and helping your site’s visibility, it’s all too easy to acquire bad links over time. These bad links could impact negatively on your site’s performance in the SERPs for some, if not all, of the keywords and phrases you’re targeting.

What’s more concerning is that even though these links may not be doing your site any harm now, that’s not to say they won’t get you penalised in the future, as new search engine algorithm updates are implemented to tighten up on poor link building practices.

Site Metrics and Reporting

Tools to Audit LinksThe most important aspect of our link auditing service is our ability to review all of your links, identifying areas of strength as well as weakness, and where necessary clean out the bad links. To do this we use metrics from some of the most powerful tools in the industry, including Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs, creating detailed reports from the data they provide.

Whether you’ve got one hundred or one hundred thousand links, our reports will identify and classify each link by page, relevance and potential risk to your site.

Link Tidy Up

Every link has an effect on your site’s standings in the SERPs and whilst a few bad links may not be doing anything to your rankings now, a future algorithm update from Google could see the drag factor these links are asserting on your site increase dramatically. In the worst case scenario your backlink profile could be a ticking time bomb, threatening to get you penalised by Google and drop you out of the SERPs altogether.

Backlink AnalysisAfter the analysis and identification of toxic links, the second pillar of our link audit service is the removal of these links. After going through our reports with you and agreeing on the links to be removed, we will contact the webmasters or blog publishers and request these links are taken down. On occasion, we are unable to establish communication with webmasters or publishers or our requests to remove links are denied. In these instances we will employ the use of Google’s Link Disavow Tool to sever any association you have to these bad links in the eyes of Google.

Future Proofed

Link building is no longer the numbers game it once was. Nowadays content and site quality are paramount. High quality content should be about delivering real referral traffic as much as it is about just building up your backlink profile.

Our content marketing service is tailored to disseminate well researched and expertly written linking content across a variety of platforms and highly regarded sites in your sector, helping you to build up a robust and powerful backlink portfolio. This is done in a natural way, so as to not create signals or patterns that could be flagged by Google.