What is Content Marketing, Outreach & Guest Blogging?

Content marketing is the creation, distribution and promotion of content (not just in the written form) with a view to engaging with an audience of your existing and prospective customers, sharing your thoughts, opinions and expertise, and raising awareness of your brand within target industry sectors.

As a specialist content marketing agency, we engage with leading publications to ensure our content finds its way to the most influential websites. Google positively rewards sites that acquire backlinks from authoritative sources, so outreach should be a key component of any content marketing campaign.

We specialise in increasing your reach and engaging with new audiences

Offsite SEO or Link Building

Link building is the practice of increasing the number of links from third-party websites that point to your website. We help you earn these citations in a manner which is approved of by Google, by contributing content and insight on trends within your industry niche, with a view that the publishing sites will reward you with a reference as an authority or contributing source of that knowledge. By acquiring links in this way, from influential sites, you are helping to establish trust and build keyword relevance in the eyes of the search engines, with each link being seen as a vote of confidence boosting your authority.

Bespoke Digital have helped me become a prolific publisher, raising my profile and complementing our other marketing activities.

Jon Mowat, Hurricane Media

After onsite optimisation, offsite SEO – earning links by contributing articles or guest blogging on third party sites – is still the most effective way to get you climbing the search engine results pages. The effectiveness of these links varies however, depending on a range of factors; publishing site authority as well subject relevance (aka: semantic theming) are extremely influential signals. These are factors that we continually assess whilst developing and executing your strategy.

There is even the potential for links to negatively affect your site. At Bespoke Digital, we understand the delicate nature of choosing the correct content marketing strategy which is why we take extreme care to only approach the highest quality and most reputable sites that are within your sector and highly-relevant to your audience.


We realise that the online world is a dynamic place, which is why we are constantly refining and building on our database of potential publishers, by initiating new relationships with key industry influencers as well as reviewing and nurturing the relationships we already have.

Reach out to other sitesIn collaboration with you we identify the most influential magazines and sites within your target market, this might be your own business niche, that of your potential customers, or both. We then research and profile many new sites and publications, specific or pertinent to these sectors.

Our research methods include; searching for topics and keywords related to the niche in Google, looking at industry relevant associations and forums, analysing your site’s current sources of backlinks and seeing who links to those sites, as well as analysis of your competitor backlinks and their social media connections. Who is following you and your competitors? who follows the followers? what topics are they discussing and who links to them?

We then reach out to the editors, site owners and influencers via email, telephone and social media to get the content ideas we are creating out there and published on your behalf.

Read our guide on ‘How to do your own prospecting & influencer outreach’ here.

100% Unique Editorial

All of our editorial is completely unique and written to journalistic standards, tailored specifically for the site on which it is published, whilst keeping both the audience’s interests and your brand message in mind. Our skilled team of copywriters will undertake detailed research before writing any words and won’t recycle articles by simply reworking the same concepts over and over.

Content Creation & MarketingFrom how-to guides and top tens, to in-depth analysis and evergreen editorial we can produce and publish a wide variety of content on your behalf. We’re happy to independently research new areas of interest around your industry, or use and promote ideas from your own site. We’ll even create regular posts for your own blog, if this is something you don’t have time to do yourself.

Content Marketing

By publishing high quality, informative articles on relevant respected websites you‘re actively encouraging people to engage with your brand, via the messages you are communicating and the expertise you are displaying.

Bespoke have helped us produce quality content that is directly responsible for increased traffic, downloads and enquiries.

Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey

High quality content which is useful to your audience is far more likely to get shared and cited by other people within your community. Users sharing your published work on social media or referencing your ideas within their own articles will generate more links, either back to your website or to the site where the content was originally published.

In other words, effective content outreach will generate highly quality links from communities who are engaged and socially active within your niche. Promoting your brand to these audiences will deliver targeted referral traffic which is far more likely to lead to enquiries and conversions. Our content marketing services can help push you to the top of the SERPs and send qualified leads your way.

If you’ve found this page following acontent marketingrelated search and you’d like to get a better understanding of our process, please give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss our ideas with you.